Global Initiatives for Change Making

Workshop and Webinar

My Mobile My Life took place in Finland on 22-23 September 2011

MMML 2012 theme is Global Initiatives for Change Making

MyMobileMyLife aims at sharing awareness of affordable and sustainable mobile, solutions through-out the world. MMML is organized to inspire learners, practitioners and companies despite of their background, location or financial status. The aim of the ”Good-Initiatives for Change-Making” is to help in forming a digital cluster for students, teachers and organizations worldwide. The cluster will share ideas and knowledge directly on the forums resting on new technology so that participation or license fees are not needed and efforts are focused on the concept of sharing global responsibility. Developers interested in the mobile solutions and approaches can join this event to inspire, create and change the existing practices with new ICT enabled Good Initiatives for Change Making. The project is coordinated by MKFC Stockholm College, Sweden and Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Finland.
We welcome all of you who want to join this development effort. You are required to Register Here and tell us briefly about your project. The information about all the projects will be available on our Projects blog later.

Our Vision

We all have dreams; aspirations and knowledge that are motivating and engaging, lets share them!

Education Finder wants to announce 2012 as year of Global Initiatives for Change Making. We encourage you to return to Education Finder to learn more about these Change Making for Good and what to expect in 2012 as we announce initiatives for innovations and tools for them. We all have dreams, aspirations and knowledge that are motivating and engaging. In the age of information and communication we all have possibilities to motivate each other’s and share our experiences to make changes for better world.

MMMLIFE is working from the situations of unwanted isolation and with solutions to break them by using mobiles.

MMMLIFE initiative started in 2010 and had workshop in august at northern part of Finland, Tornio.  Please see the details about workshop here

First year champion team was from Pakistan where teachers’ wanted to keep in touch with their students and the rural community students lived during holidays. The content was hygiene betterment. See the 2010 Pakistan solution here


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